Motivational Speaker / Storyteller

We tell ourselves stories throughout every day.  One of the most important stories we will tell in this life is the story about ourselves, to ourselves. When is the last time you checked in with self to ensure you are telling yourself the best story possible? 

Throughout our life we encounter people, experiences, thoughts and emotions and everything in between.  We hear stories, we tell stories, we make up stories and we disregard stories.  Not to mention all of the stories we don’t even realize we are a part of, influence and are a part of us.

Within every experience in life there is a story to be told.  Our life experience is impacted as a whole being of many parts, whether we have chosen to integrate and embrace those parts of self is a separate choice.  All parts of self (body, mind, heart and spirit) are a part of each experience, even if they are not engaged in our awareness. What are our physical and spiritual senses gathering from our experiences?

What are the stories that are then found inside our mind? Sharing my story is my way of helping humanity heal from the stories being told within the human physical experience.   Motivational and inspiring stories fill my life experience as a mere result of authentic living, even when that authenticity was held captive within my own essence. 

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Share in expressions of a life experience sourced in my heart and soul…

…exposing the authentic vulnerability of the human experience…

It is with a strong yet vulnerable heart that I share my soulful expressions of writing with the world.  I offer these gifts to you with the same compassion I had to learn to give myself…for it is our own inner light that is capable of nurturing the purest authentic love.  We are all on our unique life journey…and we are here to love.  Love self…love each other…love life…and embody the purest, unconditional love.

Read excerpts from a memoir underway.  The story depicts a pivotal life experience as a teenager and the impact it left in its wake for many years.  It was not until fully healed from the experience that the most glorious gifts were received; gifts for holding a faith closer than I even realized.

Down to the Bare Bones: A Soulful Memoir Exposing the Unfiltered Truth of Neisseria Meningitidis