Creation Vibration

Within each one of us there is a means for authentic expression. This is our unique Art of expression. It may be found in anything. It is when you are expressing yourself at your most authentic, vulnerable and passionate self. There may be many ways that self expression is integrated into your experiences, there may be only one, or you may not have accessed that space within. The unique artistic expression of self has powerful healing benefits as we integrate and process the experiences that mold who we are in this life.

There are many ways to express and create beauty in our experiences. Some may find joy in creating music that make our hearts dance through the manipulation of energetic vibrations. Others may find joy in creating structures from the gifts provided by Mother Earth. And other may find peace in writing.  There are infinite possible means by which to express ourselves. The beautiful blessing is that we get to choose.

Heal yourself through re-discovering the creative essence of who you are. The fact that you create it makes it BEAUTIFUL! The love energy put forth in creation inherently creates a masterpiece of healing love. The frequency of creation is love, and love heals.

You are invited to enjoy some of my authentic artistic expressions throughout a life of healing. This space contains a variety of works created throughout my life while experiencing love, raising children, nurturing a home, fostering a profession, continuing education and navigating life from the depths of my heart and soul, while healing from my own life experiences.

Most of the pieces are available for purchase.  If the dance of color in any of the works incite joy, peace and love within you, please contact me for further information.  If the piece is not for direct sale, a similar piece may be commissioned uniquely for you.

The skills are broad, the techniques are varied, subject matter is sourced in inspiration and the expression is authentic.  If you have an artistic idea that you would like to see materialize, I would enjoy connecting, collaborating and creating something beautiful.  A creation of love.

Works of Divinity

DD 03/29/1993

 These two pieces mark the beginning of a life walk with a deeply rooted faith that I would, in time, gain the wisdom of my Divine Intention. A beautiful life full of blessings that transformed my beliefs into deep truths. These are expressions of divine anchored love at a moment in my life experience when I felt I had lost everything.