Crystal Accessories

There are many benefits that may be gained from the beautiful gifts of Mother Earth.  Crystals are not only beautiful and mysterious as a natural creation, but they also hold vibrational healing capabilities that can transform our experience in indescribable ways.

Everything in this life experience has a vibrational resonance, including our bodies and each individual part that make up the whole.  The material elements in this life experience also hold a vibrational resonance.  Unlike our physical bodies and most man made materials, crystals hold a constant resonance.  A healthy human body has been measured to have a vibrational resonance of 62-72 Hz. Dis-ease begins to overcome the body when the body’s vibrational resonance falls below 60 Hz.  Crystals hold a vibrational resonance much higher than 60 Hz.

When a crystal is in proximity to the physical body, the  body will naturally raise to that of the crystal.   As a result, lower level vibrations are released and the overall vibration of the body is raised, improving overall health of the body.  Crystals have various vibrational resonance just as the various parts of our physical body. Using target specific crystals may aid in overall well-being.

The inter-connected spiritual wheels within our bodies also resonate with crystals, clearing the chakras and opening the body to compliment the life experience in the totality of the senses, physical and spiritual.

Below are Crystal Accessories available for purchase that contain the crystals that were instrumental in my own transpersonal journey back to self.  These products may be purchased as is, or customized with the crystals of your intention.  Please contact me for more information about any piece that resonates with you, or if you would like to have one custom designed.

Rose Quartz – vibrational resonance of 350 Hz – Unconditional Love – Heart Chakra – HEART and LOVE

Amethyst – vibrational resonance of 32,876 Hz – Protection and Spiritual Clarity – Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras – SPIRITUALITY and PROTECTION

Citrine – vibrational resonance of   Hz – Creativity and Manifestation – Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras – ENERGIZE and REVITALIZE

Shungite – vibrational resonance of     Hz – Transformation and Purification – All Chakras – GROUNDS SPIRITUAL in the PHYSICAL



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