Alternative Healthcare Practitioner

Spiritually sourced Hypnosis – integrating the physical and spiritual experience for a balanced and healthy life.

The practice of verbal & non-verbal motivation, healing, behavior modification and/or entertainment recognized by the AMA & defined as “the bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind followed by the ability to accept suggestions.” This is achieved through a spiritually sourced intention to be aware and intuit a pathway of healing for one to connect to their own spirituality in order to heal themselves.

  • Master Personal Goals that enhance self-determination for a healthy, happy life.
  • Transform Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social & Spiritual Limits to renew & free one from any limitation encountered. This may include physical body ailments (high blood pressure, injuries, pain, speech impediments, poor diet, harmful habits), emotional barriers (co-dependency, depression, low-self esteem), mental mind traps (addiction, boredom, confusion, depression, stress, fear), social anxieties (lack of self control, life-traps, self-sabotage, toxicity), and spiritual healing (life passages, limiting beliefs)
  • Enhance Well-Being in all areas of life. Improve your life at work, home, school, play, sports, as well as during traditional medical/dental procedures by stimulating a natural ability to heal yourself. Healing is achieved when we communicate, create, grow, love and learn. When present there is an invitation to relax, play, enjoy, intuit and be aware. This brings about an abundant, balanced, confident, clear-minded, comfortable and coordinated life style. When balanced, life becomes entertaining, energizing, flexible and harmonious. Which leaves one happy, motivated, rejuvenated, successful, well & wise.

Active Member and Certified Master Hypnotist by the IHF.