Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is allowing the connection with self and that of the world around us to guide us to a state of healing and well being.  This may apply to the physical, psychological, emotional and/or spiritual aspects that make up the human physical experience.  Allowing ourselves to trust our intuition and reconnect back with our internal and external senses have tremendous healing power.  If we consider the notion that physical ailments are merely a manifestation of dis-ease within the human experience, and that we have a physical and spiritual sensory system, than by allowing our senses to lead the way, intuitively we are led to healing and well being.The items within this section are the creative interpretations of the gifts uncovered along my intuitive and authentic walk into a more integrated state of self in this physical experience. My intention is to inspire, encourage and support your authentic connection to self-healing by following your own intuitive wisdom.  These items will be for direct sale and some may be custom designed to reflect your unique journey and the intentions you hold within.

  • Crystal Accessories
  • Crystal Infused Water
  • Energy Healing Sprays
  • Intention Cards
  • Spiritual Inspiration
  • A Token of Love
  • Signature Crafts