Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is allowing the connection with self, and the world around us, to intuitively guide our being to a state of healing and wellness. This may apply to the physical, psychological, emotional and/or spiritual aspects that make up the human physical experience. Trusting our intuition, and reconnecting with our internal and external senses, has tremendous healing power.

In accepting the notion that physical ailments are merely a manifestation of dis-ease within the human experience, and that the body is made of powerful physical and spiritual sensory systems, I was able to organically guide my being to an integrated and optimal state of existence. Self-care was choosing to listen and allow it.

In my experience, the intention remains to heal to the fullest extent possible since trauma has been endured. We have all experienced trauma of some kind – physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual. I have experienced significant trauma within all planes of my existence. I have spent a life-time learning, healing, and growing into the intention to heal all parts of me. Within my personal growth, there were two major acceptances that I had to choose, truth and faith. I had to accept the truth of my delicate and sacred body, and hold the faith that what I do to care for, honor, and respect my sacred vessel is enough to sustain breath. I had to do the inner work because they had to be anchored in love. For where there is fear, there is no faith. And where there is no faith, there is no love. I always choose love.

Along my walk into a more integrated sense of self in the physical experience, the most healing intention was to reconnect to my utmost passion in my heart. That is love. Not the notion of being in love, although that is a sweet experience. And not any other illusion that has been erected around the word, and the emotion, that we label as love.

For me, it has always been metaphysical. Spiritual even. It even seemed elusive in my youth, and once deemed unrealistic and unattainable merely from the lack of my witness in reality. I have always held my passion for love deep within. It became amplified in my late teens, yet concurrently suppressed even deeper within. I did not give it space. I learned I held myself unworthy of the very love that fueled my heart with dreams. Once I choose to honor myself and my love, everything became magical. I found I was in the vibrational state of love, and the world around me was then created in sync. Life became easy because love is easy.

The vibration of love is the source of my life’s inspiration. I see the human body as a masterful piece of art that continually evolves and has infinite interpretations and possibilities. As an energy filter, the body interprets the energy fluctuations within and without, which then cause reactions in the body, on all levels. The change may cause emotional, verbal, hormonal, chemical, physiological, neurological, psychological, mechanical, and likely many more cascading reactions within the body. We may only be aware of some of these changes, if any, but every cell in the body reacts and retains memory. Even if our mind is unaware.

Although the vibration of love most certainly may yield emotions of love, it is the vibration of love that is interpreted by our body systems, in ways other than, but also to include the emotion of love. It is emotional intelligence that allows one to experience, and then elevate above the emotion of love to create space to connect to the vibration of love. The truth in love. I find great peace and comfort connecting to Spiritual Love at the source of my passions and transforming that vibration into creations of love. In doing so, I have experienced healing, and joy, in ways that I never knew were possible, needed nor awaited my acquaintance. I choose to view my experiences as the most magnificent gifts from the Universe. Gifts of authentic Love.

The Healing Products of Love are the creative interpretations of the love received along the three-year process to write my memoir and to connect to my Spiritual Love. My intention is to inspire, encourage, and support your authentic connection to self-healing by following your own intuitive wisdom. Let love lead the way. Love is easy. Love heals.

We are the vibration of love.
We are the vibration of creation.

We are love.
We are creation.

We are beautiful masterpieces of love.
We create beautiful masterpieces in life.

If we choose to allow it.

Learn more about my life experiences and the journey to heal and grow into infinite love. Down to the Bare Bones: A Soulful Memoir Exposing the Unfiltered Truth of Neisseria Meningitidis.

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