Creation Vibration

Within each one of us there is the vibration of creation. It is at the source of who we are and what brought us forth into this life. There are infinite means through which this vibration is expressed – in nature, in our bodies, independently and collectively – all of which create beauty in our life experience. As a unique expressing in this eternal universe, there is a unique vibration of creation within each of us. The beautiful gift to the world is that we get to choose our unique expression. The full and authentic expression of self has powerful and healing benefits, for self and humanity. When we heal and express our unique vibration, we in turn heal the world.

Heal by connecting to the creative space within you and experience the vibration as it expresses who you are. No matter what is created, the means by which it is created becomes a unique art form of expression, and the fact that you create it makes it BEAUTIFUL! The love energy put forth in creation inherently creates a masterpiece of healing love. The frequency of creation is love, and love heals.

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Learn more about how I transformed a life experience into a masterful creation. The expression of my vibration transformed my strength, courage and love, within my Physical and Spiritual realms of existence, into a more integrated and energetically balanced being. You are invited to read how I had to learn how to love, primarily myself. I was disheartened and relieved to discover that the truth in love has nothing to do with what I had been taught about love. There are no limits on infinite love. Down to the bare Bones: The Unfiltered Truth of Neisseria Meningitidis.