Raw and natural gifts from Mother Earth.

Choose one stone, or all four, as part of your healing and re-connection back to nature. Raise your vibration with these beautiful crystals. All stones have been cleansed in the light and energy of the full moons with the intention to heal. Read more about the properties of these crystals and the inspirational truths of energy below in the product details.

Rose Quartz Crystals @ $6.00 per ounce

Amethyst Crystals @ $6.00 per ounce

Citrine Crystals @ $6.00 per ounce

Shungite (a non-crystalline mineraloid) @ $4.00 per 5 grams

Journey Set @ $11.11 per 4 ounces

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There are many benefits that may be gained from the beautiful gifts of Mother Earth.  Crystals are not only beautiful and mysterious as a natural creation, but they also hold vibrational healing capabilities that can transform our experience in indescribable ways.

Everything in this life experience is made of energy and therefore holds a vibration. This includes our bodies and each individual part that make up the whole.  The material elements in this life experience also hold a vibration that we then absorb when brought into our environment.  Unlike our physical bodies and most man made materials, crystals hold a constant vibration. Given the natural affinity of energy, it will resonate and achieve synergy within the space and environment around everything. Low vibrations will resonate and achieve harmony with low vibrations, high vibrations will resonate and achieve harmony with high vibrations, and depending on which is stronger, low vibrations may bring down higher vibrations, or higher vibrations may raise lower vibrations. Everything is made of energy.

When a crystal, which only emits energy, is in proximity to the physical body, which emits and absorbs energy, the body’s vibration will naturally begin to raise to that of the crystal.   Since a crystal does not absorb energy, as synergy is achieved, the only option is that the lower level vibrations are raised to match that of the higher vibration of the crystal. As a result, the overall vibration of the body is raised, improving overall health of the body.  Crystals emits a variety of vibrations just as the various parts of our physical body. Using target specific crystals may aid in overall well-being.

The inter-connected spiritual wheels within our bodies also resonate with crystals, clearing the chakras and opening the body to compliment the life experience in the totality of the senses, physical and spiritual. The human body is always emitting and absorbing energy. Emotions are the result of the influx of vibrational energy changing between the interior and exterior environments of our body. When a lot of energy is either held within and needs to balance with the external space, or is being absorbed and needs to balance with the internal space, the surge is felt by what we have further labeled as emotions. Sync up with your vibration, enhance your emotional intelligence and enjoy the mysteries of the universe.

Everything holds an energetic vibration. All matter emits energy, while only some emit and absorb energy. The world around us is in constant energy fluctuations as energy itself is trying to balance into harmony. In the end fluidity and harmonic flow of energy is achieved. Even if it is only perceived to be momentary. The truth is that the universe is always in energetic balance within our dichotomous existence.