Keys to Happiness

What do your keys unlock?

These keychains are made with crystals and/or mineraloids, silver or bronze wire, accent beads and key ring. Each keychain is crafted with the intentions to walk a protected life in love, wisdom and faith.

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Keys of Love

Journey of the Heart.

The Journey of Love.

Do your keys unlock places that nurture your heart with unconditional love?  Open your heart and receive infinite love. Feel the love expand throughout your being.

Rose Quartz – unconditional love

Keys of Wisdom

Journey of the Mind

The Journey of Wisdom

Do your keys unlock places that nurture your mind with clarity and trust? Invite the clarity of universal truths. Trust in an intellect sourced in your inner wisdom.

Amethyst = clarity and divine guidance

Keys of Faith

Journey of the Soul

The Journey of Faith

Do your keys unlock places that nurture your Soul and ground your Faith? Free your Soul and soar into universal magic. Find joy in the abundance that comes with a grounded Faith.

Citrine = joy and abundance

Keys of Protection

Keys of Life