Remembrance Beads


May these Remembrance Beads inspire you to love yourself enough to be YOU. Love others enough to let them be THEM. Love humanity enough to be the LIGHT in the darkness. Love your faith enough to see YOU and THEM in the LIGHT of LOVE.

Who Are You?

Below are examples of the Remembrance Beads with silver and bronze accent beads. Each creation represents our light within radiating upward through the seven chakras with protection from above. Read more below about the stones used, the intentions set during the creation process and the inspiration behind the design. Orders are filled with products in stock and may not be an exact match to the items below. You are invited to connect if you have a fabrication request.

Remembrance Beads with Silver @ $20.00 each

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Remembrance beads with Bronze @ $20.00 each

Shungite – Protection & Unconditional Love

Amethyst – Crown Chakra – cosmic consciousness, enlightenment and perfection

Lapis Lazuli – Third Eye – spiritual awareness, psychic power, intuition and light

Blue jasper – Throat Chakra – communication, expression and divine guidance

Green Aventurine – Heart Chakra – universal consciousness, emotional balance and love

Yellow Jade – Solar Plexus – intellect, ambition and protection

Tiger Eye – Sacral Chakra – creativity, desire and sexuality

Red Jasper – Root Chakra – stability, will and grounding

Clear Quartz – Crystalline Light within – heal by attuning to the higher self

This product is inspired by the sacred passage of Remembering Who I Am within the depths of my being. While protected and shielded in unconditional love, I remembered that I am an infinite energetic Soul experiencing a chosen life by means of my sacred and sensual body. These beads serve as a visual reminder of my Source, my truths, my sacred body, the life journey, of mine and our collective voyage, to find balance, peace and purpose in life. The Hindu and Buddhist ideologies resonated most when choosing to reconnect back to my Spiritual Senses. I used the concept of the seven chakras within the human body to guide my crystal light energy throughout my body. As I moved light energy through my spiritual wheels, I experienced an energetic release as light broke through the shadows of the human condition. The shadows casted throughout this life experience and all lives prior. With practice, the powerful light within is able to flow in harmony while paving the pathway for kundalini energy; the powerful energetic alignment with universal love energy, in mystical perfection, during the breath of a physical moment. A moment of True Self at the True Home of the Soul. I found that returning Home while still alive is a mesmerizing and glorious gift to receive from self and the Universe in a brief moment in eternity. A moment to live Heaven on Earth.

This is me.