Reminder Stones

Strength. Courage. Love.

The intention behind these stones is to remind ourselves of the strength, courage and love that it takes to live this life. They remind us to…Be Strong…Be Courageous…Be Loving. Sold with gold or black text.

Have the STRENGTH to ride the waves throughout the experiences of life…it is your graceful dance through the ebbs and flows that inspire those around you.

Strength Reminder Stone with Gold @ $1.60 each

Strength Reminder Stone with Black @ $1.60 each

Have the COURAGE to honor self and re-discover who you are at the source of your being…it is your acceptance of your authentic soul song that guides others to authentic self love.

Courage Reminder Stone with Gold @ $1.60 each

Courage Reminder Stone with Black @ $1.60 each

Have the LOVE for this life experience to live the best version of self while growing in love and understanding…it is your compassion and empathy that heals in the presence of our seemingly different life experiences.

Love Reminder Stone with Gold @ $1.60 each

Love Reminder Stone with Black @ $1.60 each

Strength. Courage. Love. Enjoy all three with this bundled and discounted offer. Save 15% when you buy the Power Play Pack that includes one of each Reminder Stone – Strength, Courage and Love.

Power Play Pack with Gold @ $4.08 per set

Power Play Pack with Black @ $4.08 per set

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