Smudge Kits

Burning Sage, and other herbs, has been a practice for centuries and brought forth in Native American traditions as a spiritual practice to clear the body, mind and spirit, and to bring peace to the heart. Smudging has the ability to balance energy within our sacred spaces, and within the sacred vessel of our body, by clearing negativity and purifying the path of deliverance within the connection to Spirit.

Each Smudge Kit includes the following:

  • Abalone Sea Shell – represents the fluidity of water while promoting peace, compassion and love
  • White Sage – also known as Sacred Sage, Salvia apiana is used for protection and spiritual purification
  • Palo Santo – a mystical tree grown in South America, Bursera Graveolens, known as “Holy Wood” which welcomes creativity, good fortune, positivity and joy
  • Senelite – crystalized Gypsum used for good luck and good fortune by activating the crown chakra and clearing negative energy
  • Smudge Wand – a delicate feather wand used to disperse the smoke throughout the cleansing space with an added intention of Strength, Courage, Love and Protection. Inspired by our Angels wings.

Love Smudge @ $45.00 each

Includes dried PINK baby daisies, ROSE QUARTZ crystals and a LOVE intention charm.

Courage Smudge @ $ 45.00 each

Includes dried PURPLE baby daisies, AMETHYST crystals and a COURAGE intention charm.

Strength Smudge @ $45.00 each

Includes dried YELLOW baby daisies, CITRINE crystals and a STRENGTH intention charm.

Protection Smudge @ $45.00

Includes dried WHITE baby daisies, SHUNGITE stones and a STRENGTH, COURAGE AND LOVE intention charm.

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