Cover the World in Love


We are all Spiritual Superheroes with Spiritual Superpowers if we choose to connect to those that have come before us, and those yet to come, and listen to the voice of God. Sometimes the message comes from within, sometimes it comes through the voice of another, sometimes it comes through a feeling towards something or someone, sometimes it comes through the whispers of our Angels, and sometimes it comes through as unexplainable divine experience that embodies them all.  Choose to see the miracles before you and you will soon discover that life is full of mysticism.  Choose to see the miracle of life in yourself, or another, and cover the world in a unique expression of love.  Activate a Superhero Among Us with YOUR Love.


Superheroes Amongst Us

You are invited to join in spreading love throughout the world through joyful creations.  Each Superhero Cape is uniquely crafted for the recipient, mailed anonymously anywhere in the world, and distributed free of charge.  This is my way of returning love to the world…for it is too abundant to hold within.  This is one of the ways that I choose to express my superpower.  It’s a love thing.  It’s a God thing.   

View the superhero capes activated by love.


All donations go towards the fabrication and distribution of these unique and creative expressions of joy.