Project Earth Angel

Non-profit projects set forth with the intention to bring love and joy into the experiences of others.

One Beautiful Soul at a Time

Donations are welcomed if you are interested in spreading love and joy in a fun and creative way that celebrates each Beautiful Soul in this life. Donations may be made to Divinity Bubbles of Love through PayPal.

* Cover the World in Love

We are all Spiritual Superheroes with Spiritual Superpowers that can change the world. Celebrate the Superhero in yourself, or the ones you love, in a creative way and request your one-of-a-kind Superhero Cape. Every breath changes the world and this mission fills my breath with love. The world needs kindness, compassion, and joy…and celebrating YOU brings that magic into our experience for the world to enjoy. Enjoy being YOU and join the Superheroes Among Us!

* Dumpy Deployment

Dumpies are made and donated to hearts in need of a gentle reminder of love. In memory on my beloved Mom, Dona’s Dumpies are a reminder that we are not alone in the world, and that all of the King’s horses and all of the King’s men will indeed mend you back into wholeness again. Trust in that truth.

* C’Shells

When the waves of unconditional love came crashing upon the shores of my heart, the tides left a beautiful messy brokenness in its wake. The powerful force of love stripped me bare of the very shield that protected my tender heart. C’Shells represent the transformed parts of our brokenness now mended with Golden Love and returned back into the waters of life.