We are brought forth into this worldly experience with the infinite universal love energy contained within the sacred vessel of our body.  Through life experiences we learn how to exist in this experience, through others and through ourselves, with others and within ourselves, for others and for ourselves.  Our life walk becomes a collection of experiences that mold our body, mind, heart and soul.
Aligning with the authenticity of who we are is the greatest gift of love that we may give ourselves, and to the world around us.  Through the purity of love and healing intention, we have the individual and collective power to change the world through love and good intentions.   By being authentic in who we are, who we choose to become, and how we grow through life experiences, we organically become the light in the darkness.
Love yourself enough to be YOU.  Love others enough to let them be THEM.  Love humanity enough to be the LIGHT in the darkness.  Love the experience of life enough to see YOU and THEM in the LIGHT of LOVE.

We are here to love…so let’s love LoVe LOVE more.

Be Strong * Be Courageous * Be Loving

Be YOU-niquely