As I continue to grow into the world, I have found many misconceptions around love.  I have discovered along the way that many get caught up in the emotional highs and lows seeking to be seen, and perhaps even more saddening, to be loved.  I myself had to grow through similar experience yet perhaps with a different perspective.  I found that the love in my heart remains the only constant that my whole being will follow in absolute faith.  When all else feels lost, I am always able to follow love.  


Life is a choice.  Each experience is a choice.  The outcomes we experience are the outcomes of each choice.  Among the choices there is always one that is most favorable, most calming, most tolerable, most pleasing to the senses, most inviting, and holds most opportunity.  This holds true even when all options do not appear to be desired, nor interesting or worth making.  There remains a path to be followed, and I have found that the only way to the light is to follow love.


Following love means that it is followed wherever it leads the heart.  Through a marriage, growing a family, and divorcing I found that I am willing to risk everything if that is where love leads me.  I also discovered what following love means to me.  I am willing to risk everything to embrace the journey of my soul.  I choose to experience the mystical life that comes from a walk in spiritual love.  


The choice is simple because love is easy.